What is Remote Support?

By using secure Remote Support software we are able to view and take full control of your computer in order to solve issues from Viruses, Spyware and complete a Computer Health Check.

Every online remote session is fully encrypted and secure, so none of your information can be seen by anyone else other than Active IT Services and yourself. We will only be able to view and control your desktop which you can also see and will not be able to access anything on your machine without you actively requesting it.

Remote Support Requirements:-

  • Your computer must be working and connected to the Internet via a broadband connection.
  • The Remote Support software requires no set-up and will only be running during the Remote Support session.

Once the Remote session has been completed we will send you an Invoice with a PayPal request for payment via email. You will be able to securely pay by PayPal or Credit/Debit card.

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